High profit bitcoin miner ABZMINER - PH888

Mining cryptocurrency exclusively Bitcoin has been a tough job during recent years due to high levels of power consumption, disturbing noise of fans in ASIC machines, or low hash rate which is mostly seen in miners of previous generations.

In order to offer advanced and next-generation miners and also increase users' income, ABZ MINING LTD. invented a new miner that offers a total hash rate of 120 TH/s and affordable power consumption of 1450 W.


In comparison to previous miners, the new generation miner not only is equipped with LAN cable and Ethernet port but also WIFI connection.

Due to WIFI technology and MAC address, you can easily monitor your miner from any place at any time.

Another feature of this miner is low noise generation that is approximately 52 dB. To give you a better understanding of the noise intensity, it is worth mentioning that the noise is as high as a regular conversation between two people at a distance of two meters from each other.

Universally, this miner will cost $999 that is a suitable option for safe investment due to the high hash rate and low power consumption. In addition, a return on capital is possible with this bitcoin miner in a short time.

In the first phase, these miners will be in the market under the brand name of ABZ PH-888 Miner , and only 700 pcs will miners be sold. 

The miner can earn around $30 - $40 PER DAY with current bitcoin network difficulty which makes this miner between the most profitable bitcoin miners in 2021. (estimated ROI - Return of investment is around 30 days )

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